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2-Way Radio - Products

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Licenced Portable Radios

Portable radios can either be licensed or unlicensed. The benefit of using licensed portables is that your radios can have a power output of up to 5 Watts as opposed to 0.5 Watts for unlicensed radios. In a nutshell this means a lot more range. Because your signal is stronger and reaches further, it has more chance of interfering with other radio users. Therefore Ofcom, the UK licensing authority, requires UK radio users to register with them and pay a licensing fee. They then assign you frequencies that don’t interfere with other radio systems. Please see www.ofcom.org.uk for more information. These radios are also more versatile being able to be configured to work with for example a talk through base station or Repeater to increase coverage.

Hand Portable Walkie Talkie Radios are essential in today's communication world. Lightweight, durable and cheap to maintain - keeping you in control of any situation.

There are a wide variety of hand portableradios includingg analogue, digital and trunking models that range from economical commercial portables to high tier professional MPT1327 trunked radio to ATEX approved models for use in potentially explosive environments. A comprehensive selection of radio accessories to enhance your choice of hand portables may be purchased these include leather cases, batteries, chargers, earpieces, surveillance earpiece/microphones, headsets, speaker microphones and antennas.

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