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2-Way Radio - Products

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Mobile and Desktop Radios

Mobile & Desktop Radios are essential in today’s communication world. Mobiles can be fitted in vehicles such as cars / lorries but also on site vehicles such as bull dozers excavators, Dock side cranes and vehicles etc. They can also be fitted in offices etc when a Power Supply Unit is fitted. Compact, durable and cheap to maintain - keep control of your mobile workforce.

There are a wide variety of mobile radios available including analogue, digital and trunking models that range from economical commercial radios to high tier professional MPT1327 mobiles. A full selection of mobile radio accessories may be purchased: these include mobile antennas, base antennas, speakers, microphones, power supplies and fitting accessories.

Most mobile radios can be used as a fixed mobile / dispatcher / desktop base with the addition of a 240vac/12vdc power supply, a suitable microphone and an external antenna.

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